Level Lock and Dorbell Pro 2

I installed new Level Bolt and tried to connect it to Ring app, but it suggested me to by Ring Pro (Gen 1). Which is kinda amusing considering that I have Pro 2, which is ~$100 more than Gen 1.
After some investigating I found that only specific SN of Pro and Pro 2 support it (I would assume because of Sidewalk availability).
It’s super confusing that I need to hunt down specific SN range (HW revision) to get it working. It does not really justify buying another doorbell when I have almost the most expensive one already.
Are there any sensible solutions to that?

Hi @BrotherProphet. The best way to ensure that you have compatible pieces would be to order them as a bundle. Depending on where you purchased the items you have now, you might be able to return them. Here is a link the the bundle I mentioned.

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Doorbell was ordered from Ring directly > 6 month ago. Lock was ordered from amazon recently. So I don’t think it’s an option.
Honestly I don’t consider it a solution at this point, and as I said find it extremely frustrating that advanced model don’t support it and require specific SN range (HW revision I assume).

I ordered my level lock found out it was incompatible and called ring asking specifically if the Video Doorbell Pro 2 was compatible, they accepted my Video Doorbell 4 trade in to a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 (refurbished [my 4 was a month old] with a dent in it) – I received it, plugged it all in, was excited, and fail – doesn’t work with a Level Lock.

After many calls with Ring I gave up, they apparently dont know if the Doorbell Pro 2 is compatible at all, period. I have several other Amazon Echo divided which are Sidewalk Bridges, no luck there either.

Additionally if you read the information about the serial numbers to look for, they appear to all be only related to the Pro not the Pro 2.

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Same issue - I purchased the Level Lock and upgraded my video doorbell to the latest Pro 2 - only to discover that it doesn’t work. Very confusing and vague information. I saw a reply here that essentially confirms that the Pro 2 doesn’t (yet) work with Sidewalk and therefore can’t work with Level Lock - VERY disappointing. The latest (and most expensive) Ring Doorbell SHOULD work with this stuff. I’ll add my info to the Feature request board. Hopefully this will be updated soon to work together.

This is a disappointing thread.

Just installed my Level Lock today and found out it won’t “pair” with my 2021 Ring Pro 2, because the Ring Pro 2 doesn’t have the same features as the Ring Pro?

Can anyone make any sense as to why Ring would not release a fully fleshed out product? Parity, anyone?

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