Lens cloudy

Hi there, is nothing to do with moisture-is the quality of the plastic and also the rubber of the bottom-after 3 1/2 years is a piece of garbage! It happened to my device! The only available option is to get a 35% discount to buy a new device.!

Same issue … have had my Pro since 2019 and now it is useless. Why buy another, only to be right back here in a few years. Moving on to a better quality product.

Yes I’m having the same issue I tried to clean and it got worse I need the clear plastic to replace and I’ll be OK., but I guess by reading here I’m screwed.

Mine did the same thing. I really like my ring doorbell, but I will not spend the money to replace my pro. I hope we can be provided with replacement

glass to resolve this issue.

Same problem here, lens was getting a bit cloudy so i used the same cleaner i use on my reading glasses and a qTip. This is the results. Its worse now that it was before.

I also have the hazy lens cover after a year and a half
called ring support, they acting like this first time they ever heard of this problem

spoke to supervisor and was told out of warrant so no replacement told him this was a manfaturer defect and he said nothing he can do so i will be throwing this ring in trash and cancal account no sense in getting another one just to replace in 18 months
i will also be advise anyone who asks not to get a ring and will be changing all my reviews to 1 star