Latest version Wired Floodlight Cam will not reconnect with router after losing power then flashes 24/7

Bought 2 new Floodlight cams to brighten up yard/driveway in case of intruders. After a brief power outage the cams would not come back on line and went into some kind of error mode where they were flashing 24/7. Tried several times to remotely reconnect - no luck. Called RING support - no solution. Called a neighbor and had him press the buttons on the cameras to try to connect remotely - no joy. Had him cycle the power to the cameras from the breaker. Cameras would not reconnect and would not stop flashing. Finally had to just leave the power off to keep lights from flashing.

Returned from trip. Turned on breaker. Cameras instantly reconnected to router.

It would be less stressful if the cameras just stayed off line when there was a WIFI problem. To have my whole house flashing 24/7 while I was in another country seemed like asking for trouble.

Hi @U-571. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into this concern while you were away from home. If this does every happen again for any reason, I’d recommend fully resetting the Floodlight Cams by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds each. After that, you’d just want to set them back up in the Ring App. A full reset usually clears up any lingering issues or concerns that you might have. Thank you for your feedback on the matter, and I am glad to hear that your Cams are up and running again after your trip! :slight_smile: