Latest iOS app blank motion settings for floodlight cam

Having just updated to latest ios app i can not longer get any options for motion settings for my floodlight cams. I go to settings, motion, then get a blank white page with a spinner where the motion zones settings used to be! Help!

Further to this, if i disable the new motion verification setting on my doorbell2 then i get the motion settings back on my floodlight cams?!!

So looks like the new motion verification feature has a load of bugs in turning it on for one device and it applying to all devices and breaking thingsā€¦

Hey @Toadio. Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone by turning it off/on and then reinstall the Ring app? From there, let me know if the app seems to be working as normal. If not, please forward me over screenshots of this and let me know what app version/OS version for your phone that you are working on.