Lack of Features outside the USA

So Ring have been selling their products (and debatably services) here in New Zealand for a number of years, almost as long as everywhere else I suspect.

What they have however not done is allow features to be available to customers outside the USA it would seem. I find myself wondering why this is?

Given the price we pay for the products (ie, a 3 pack of stick up cams just cost me nearly $1000NZD, a single indoor Cam was $150, and I pay $15 per month to have recording, I wonder why the functionality in the app is so limited.

Could someone from Ring advise, or something in the user community who can shed light on this. I imagine I’m not the only kiwi or Aussie wondering why we pay so much for these products when they are so poorly supported in terms of functionality that exists in other places.

Also, and lastly, what the heck is wrong with their integration team between Amazon/Ring, the fact we still cannot snooze notifications on Alexa devices when we snooze them on the Ring app is a joke.

Hi @michaelrt1972. Are there specific features in the Ring app that you are looking for? I would be happy to share this feedback with the team that works on the Ring app. We are always looking for ways to improve the neighbor experience with all of our supported regions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Tom, thank you for responding and my apologies for the delay in replying to you. I was specifically looking at the customised/automated greetings feature which initially seemed to only be available to US based users, however since my moan I actually see this has now been rolled out to other users in far flung places such as myself, so thank you to the team who does this. There are still things like neighbourhood features you guys have in the US that I can’t understand why hasn’t been rolled out elsewhere, but I guess there are reasons. So thank you again for responding and to whom ever in the team does these global pieces of work. I shall endeavour not to be so hasty next time.

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