Keypad unresponsive during entry delay

When coming home and triggering the entry delay, the keypad doesnt respond after entering my pin and pressing disarm for about 10-15 seconds (maybe more?) and then finally the base will say disarmed but the keypad continues to countdown. Once the keypad reaches the end of its countdown, it doesnt do anything and the away or home icon stays lit. After a moment, all the keypads say “disarmed.” It doesnt make a didference if the keypads are plugged in or not, a few times the base station wouldnt disarm so i ran to the bedroom (keypad unplugged) and it did the same thing as the keypad by the door that is plugged in so i used the app to disarm before the sirens went off… the keypads kept counting down but the base responded. One time i couldnt get the app open in time after entering the disarm pin several times with no response and the sirens went off. A detail if it helps, the keypads beep when i press the numbers and disarm button, but nothing happens.

This used to only happen once every few days, but over the past week it seems like its happening daily. All keypads and base firmware is up to date. Is anyone else experiencing this?

This is an odd scenario to hear of, sorry that your experiencing this. I’d recommend bringing the Keypads closer to the Base Station to see if that improves their response timing and accuracy. If the delay persists, calling in to support would be the best bet as this would require some in depth troubleshooting to resolve.