Keypad Logging multiple PINS in and out dilemma

Getting ready to install our new ring system, realized a potential problem. Hoping for idea or solution.

Our office will have multiple users, with their own PIN for after hours access. Need to have accountability for not locking the door or setting alarm.

Problem: One person comes in turns off system. Another person comes in, but doesn’t have to turn off system. First person leaves, can’t turn on system because someone still in building will trigger motion sensors. Second person leaves doesn’t lock door.

First person is challenged about left open door, blames second person. Second person never got logged in because they didn’t have to disarm system.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Solutions?

Check out our Ring Alarm for Business Help Center article for great tips on managing this entry. The Ring Alarm can also support up to 99 codes/shared/guest users which can help you to manage different persons access. :slight_smile:

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