Keypad Gen2 Mode Lights

Love the look and extra functanality of the Chime pro Gen 2 but would love the ability to schedual the time of the LED light comes on and off and or the ability to adjust the ambient light sensitivity as my chime pro is located in our internal hallway but the light will come on during the day when the hall is still well lit.

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Same here! I’d like to see a ambient light sensitivity adjustment or something for the night light. It seems to now work as it should, turning off and on (at first it just never turned off–ever) but it seems it needs direct light to turn off. I ended up moving mine from my kitchen to my living room. When it was in the kitchen, despite being daylight, it only ever turned off if my kitchen lights were on. Now, in my living room, it’s only off when the sun is directly hitting it. There are often times when it’s perfectly light out, but not bright enough in the room for the night light to turn off during the day.

I’d love to see some sort of adjustment to tune the sensitivity to our liking.


Totally agree. Other folks in my house don’t use the app and need to know whether the system is armed or not so they don’t set it off inadvertently when they leave the house.

Idea. Push out a firmware upgrade that affords the user the capability to either turn the always-on feature on or off. Problem solved for both parties who either do or don’t want the light. I, for one, need that light so people in my household can tell whether it’s armed or not.

This definitely needs a firmware update. It’s long overdue.

Definitely support this suggestion, it’s very important esp for tech challenged people to just look and see the mode, prevent false alarms, etc.

Agree the gen 2 keypad is lacking the basic function of indicating system status. Why would it make sense to the designers that someone would have to walk up to the keypad to activate a motion sensor to see the status of the system. With this current design of the Gen 2 keypad I could never recommend a Ring System to friends or family. When I had my Gen 1 keypad (it failed) that indicated the status I felt comfortable recommending Ring to friends and faimly.


Ring! I just replaced a 1st gen keypad in our bedroom due to a speaker failure. My joy with getting a 2nd gen keyboard has now gone away as I’m HIGHLY disappointed that I can no longer tell if the system is armed or not from my bed. Since I tend to go to bed before my husband and my husband sometimes forgets to arm the system, it was highly useful to be able to glance at the keypad from my side of the bed if woke up in the middle of the night. If I saw that it wasn’t armed, then I could then ask Alexa to arm the system without getting out of bed or grabbing my phone. I’ve had our ring alarm system since it first launched and while the emergency buttons on this new key pad are an awesome upgrade, not being able to see the system status from a glance feels like a HUGE step back. Pleas let this group know if this issue / feature is being looked into.

Yes, this is very important…when plugged in and power saving OFF pls keep mode LED always ON. The presence sensor doesnt work if keypad is closer to wall and keypad remains OFF hence this causes us to open door without disarming. Pls Pls Pls keep mode LED ON. On our DSC system, the mode LED was always ON and we used to look at it before opening the door. In span of 20yrs, we and guest may be triggered it 5 times but with Ring alarm we have triggered it 5 times in a week.

I recently left ADT and installed the Ring home security system.

I love the system with one exception.
The alarm keypad - gen 2 cannot be set to stay illuminated. I heard it is possible with the gen 1 keypad.

This keypad is visible to anyone at my front door and anyone in my backyard looking into the window.

The ability to have it remain illuminated is a security deterrent.

When my ADT was armed, you would clearly see it, bright and visible.
Unfortunately this is currently not an option for the ring keypad.

To my dismay, I cannot believe or understand how this issue has not been addressed after so many ring customers have voiced there need for an update.

Is there anything in the works to give us that “constant illuminated” option?

I have 2 neighbors looking to switch to ring home security, but the non illuminated keypads are stopping them from making the switch.