Keypad Gen2 Mode Lights

Yes, this is very important…when plugged in and power saving OFF pls keep mode LED always ON. The presence sensor doesnt work if keypad is closer to wall and keypad remains OFF hence this causes us to open door without disarming. Pls Pls Pls keep mode LED ON. On our DSC system, the mode LED was always ON and we used to look at it before opening the door. In span of 20yrs, we and guest may be triggered it 5 times but with Ring alarm we have triggered it 5 times in a week.

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I recently left ADT and installed the Ring home security system.

I love the system with one exception.
The alarm keypad - gen 2 cannot be set to stay illuminated. I heard it is possible with the gen 1 keypad.

This keypad is visible to anyone at my front door and anyone in my backyard looking into the window.

The ability to have it remain illuminated is a security deterrent.

When my ADT was armed, you would clearly see it, bright and visible.
Unfortunately this is currently not an option for the ring keypad.

To my dismay, I cannot believe or understand how this issue has not been addressed after so many ring customers have voiced there need for an update.

Is there anything in the works to give us that “constant illuminated” option?

I have 2 neighbors looking to switch to ring home security, but the non illuminated keypads are stopping them from making the switch.

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is there any update from Ring to adding back this very useful (IMO, essential) feature to the gen2 keypad?

like others here and in other threads mention, the gen1 keypad lets you at a glance from a distance see what mode the system is in, with its mode LED always on when constantly powered. My gen1 keypad is mounted on a wall, down the hallway a distance from the front door, and with a quick glance I can open the door confidently knowing the system status in advance.

unfortunately my gen1 keypad just died (audio speaker failure) and Ring is sending a replacement, but only gen2 units are available now. So I will lose that useful feature of the mode lights staying lit - yes, like others even my old ancient ADT system had this basic feature. Ring: please add this important functionality back to gen2! (it could be an option)


Agree. Need to keep the light on when armed on the keypad.

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I just got 2 of these to replace my Gen 1 keypads as the speakers stopped working and I am so disappointed in these new Gen 2 keypads. I soley used these to be able to glance and see if the alarm is armed or disarmed. I feel like the Gen 2 keypads are a step backwards. Please give us the option to keep the lights on!

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I recently added a new ring alarm system to our home and so far I LOVE IT! I have two keypads, both generation 2. The keypad that came with our system is in our pantry/entry from the garage. I have power save mode off and lights up etc. when I approach. However it is not lighting the the current mode. Subsequently our second keypad (a additional purchase) is located in our master bedroom, again power save mode off and DOES illuminate the the current mode (which is good in the morning when you wake up to remember to turn if off).

Any suggestions on how to get the other pad to illuminate the correct mode. Per the app firmware is up to date etc.

Also, I fully support being able to have the keypads illuminated at all times. I would gladly charge them more if needed.

Hello @TPGRN331 ,

The 2nd Generation keypad (power save mode OFF) should illuminate all keys white with the current arm mode highlighted too (blue in Disarm or red in Home/Away), when you get near the keypad’s motion sensor.

I would first try the link below to troubleshoot your keypad. You might have to perform a Factory Reset, which will wipe any potentially corrupted updated Firmware back to factory settings. Once you re-setup the keypad again, it will update the firmware again.

If after troubleshooting your keypad does not resolve your issue, then I would call Ring Support for additional help at:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, you may encounter slightly longer than normal wait times:

I hope you find this information helpful. :wink:

Please fix this issue! I’m returning my Gen 2 keypads until this is resolved.

I spent a fair bit of effort making sure my ring keypad is permanently plugged in. And I’m VERY disappointed that it doesn’t show the current status.

Is there any indication that this feature request will be implemented? If not, I’m considering purchasing a Gen1 keypad.

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Any news on this? A year later and disappointing to see this still isn’t’ implemented when the Gen1 keypad finally just received an update to disable the green ‘battery full’ light.

The current Mode light really needs to remain lit at all times if the keypad has constant power.


Why is this still not an option in the app to select “Always on LED” when hardwired.

Its a basic feature, and coming from ADT, I am super disappointed in the lack of visual cues unless I get near the v2 keypad. So dumb.


Holy Cow, this isn’t a troubleshooting issue. The 2nd Gen Simply does not light up when connected to power and power save turned off, as the 1st Gen does. I purchased the 2nd Gen when it came out last year, i’ve yet to install it due to the lighting issue that I’m sure can easily be corrected with a firmware update.


hello Ring - any progress on this?

leaving the mode LED lit up when the keyboard is continuously powered is such a basic function, why can’t you provide it as an option? As it stands those of us who originally had gen1 keypads have lost an important feature. When my gen1 keyboard died under warranty (sound died) there was no opportunity to replace it with another gen1, I was forced to accept a gen2 keypad and less functionality than I originally had

there’s lots of votes on this (keep them coming, Ring community!). Why doesn’t Ring listen to the Community and make this simple improvement? - it most certainly is feasible to fix in a firmware update and would make the system so much better.

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100 % agree.
Why would Ring remove this critical feature?
I’m definitely thinking of going to a different security system because of this dumb omission.


Count me as yet another user who wishes the mode light would always stay lit while the keypad is plugged into power. Is anyone from Ring even reading this forum?


Shame this simple overlooked feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Good thing they’re focusing their efforts on more pressing updates like killing off the Windows desktop app…

Where do we request that those that develop Ring products and feature updates, also actually USE Ring products? It’s clear the development team that’s behind the wheel here don’t actually use Ring or basic functionality such as the mode lights wouldn’t have been overlooked.

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Please fix this issue! This sucks!!! My gen 1 did this. Why in the world would you remove this important feature. Do your designers even use ring devices? FIX THIS!!!

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How many votes are required before Ring considers customers’ feedback?

Surely this has got to be one of the most requested features for the Ring Alarm system, especially if you add up the votes of all the many separate threads in this forum asking for the same fix to the Gen2 keypad

Oh and don’t forget this is such a basic feature that existed in Gen1 keypads but was inexplicably removed in Gen2

edit: a quick search found all these threads asking for the same fix to the Gen 2 keypad mode lights. There’s certainly even more threads that this…

Backlit keypad would great. Maybe only disabled when in power save mode.

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Agreed. Also requesting option to have the keypad stay lit so that I dont have to contantly wonder if its even working… Gen 1 keypad died inexplicably, and i only figured out it was dead because the LED lights were off. With Gen 2, I have to constantly walk over and wave hands over it to make sure it’s still working–seems very low tech…