Keypad Gen2 Mode Lights

Please push an update to the Gen2 Keypad so the mode lights are always lit when the keypad is plugged in, and power save mode is off. Myself and others really loved the ability to glance at the keypad from a distance and see what mode the system is in without having to physically approach it. This feature is greatly missed as the Gen1 keypad always has the mode light lit if plugged in.

Thank you!


Totally agree…a step backwards that isn’t helpful.


Yes! I just created a post with the same concern. I have two of these keypads, one of which is in my bedroom. It was comforting to glance up at the mode status on the Gen 1 keypad at night to see the status if awakened by something. As it stands now, you can’t tell if this new Gen 2 keypad is even on or working without walking up to it. Please give us this power option on the Gen 2!

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Yes, yes yes!!! I’ll be returning my 2 gen keypad and purchasing a gen 1 keypad unless this is changes. This is definitely not an upgrade. It’s a downgrade in my opinion, and I had to pay extra for this? My advice: don’t by gen 2 keypad until this is fixed!

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Yes Yes !!!

Also, the ability for the Keypad to show some indication if ALL contacts/zones are CLOSED … I have a Keypad in my bedroom, and with DSC Keypad it showed a Check Mark before I was ready to ARM STAY.

Yes, the mode status light always on is a basic feature for alarm system keypads and is more valuable than the ability to make the keypad portable. If not possible, make a wired keypad a separate product so we can keep the status light on. I often wish there was a product that just showed the status light so I could stick it near the backdoor, since this is where we get most of our false alarms from - opening the backdoor when not knowing the alarm is active.

I have my 2nd Gen Keypad by my front door and is visible through a small window. My old alarm system (non Ring) would be clearly visisble that it was Armed jbut the Ring keypad looks to be off. I would love the Status lights to show Armed or Armed Away and stay on until disarmed. Helps with a visual at night if the system was armed instead of having to walk over so it shows.

I just switched to Ring Alarm and was shocked to see that this feature is not enabled in 2nd Gen Keypads.
Please add ASAP!

I was happy (?) to see that I’m not the only one experiencing this, but I’d like to add that I have *Gen1* keypads, so this isn’t solely a Gen2 issue; it was definitely the result of a recent keypad update.

Both of my keypads are hardwired (using some 12v-to-5v-USB adapters I got somewhere) and up until a few weeks/months ago, each one would *always* indicate the mode without requiring motion or a keypress. Waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if I remember to arm the alarm shouldn’t require me to get out of bed to check; I should be able to look across the room and have my answer. (I suspect I’m preaching to the choir here, but I’m a little cranky since I felt like my keypads were mocking me – “We never showed you the mode; you always had to stand in front of the keypad or press a button!”)

I’m not familiar with this community board; is there a better way to lodge a “Ring, please fix this!” request with the mothership? I mentioned this to my brother and he confirmed that he’s having the same issue and suggested that perhaps Ring made this “no mode light until ‘requested’” change to benefit the non-hardwired users which is great, but almost irrelevant for hardwired users. (I say almost because maybe someone out there cares about the extra 4 milliamps per week that the LEDs draw. :slight_smile:


Erp! Turns out that the power for my Gen 1 keypad was coming from a 12v-to-5v USB step-down converter and the converter was dead, so no power, so no lights (until motion or keypress). Ordered another converter and I should be back in business when I swap the new for old. Sorry for the bad Gen 1 info… :frowning:

Really need this feature! Doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to pull off considering Gen1 was capable.

Just replaced a 20 year old security system with Ring and that system had this feature.

Yes! Ring, plain and simple, this was a feature miss on this release, 100% feature needs to return for Gen 2, could be simply fixed with a firmware update.

Bought alarm for the fact it is wireless and does not need to be wired in. No happy see that I can’t tell which mode is active. Mode lights need to be on at all times on keypad. This is a basic function of the alarm. I want to be able to just look at the keypad from a distance to know which mode it is in not having to walk by it to find out.

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Posted my original Feature Request for what’s hopefully a simple update 3 months ago now… hopefully this is in the works for the near future!

Just echoing what everyone else is suggesting. When my Gen1 Keypad died out of the blue last week I ordered the Gen2 and just intstalled yesterday. It’s mounted on the wall by a big window in the front of the house - very visable from the front yard. My wife and I were VERY disappointed to learn that the mode lights do not stay on, especially when armed. The bright red light alone is a deterrent and not having the ability to keep it on with power save mode “off” is a step backwards as everyone else has said. Hopefully this feature can be added!

Ring please add this ASAP this is a basic keypad feature on alarms from your competitors.

This is one of the many much needed and basic features that I stupidly assumed was intergrated within the Ring ecosystem.

Agree with all of these posts. A visual queue to the status of the alarm from across the room would be MOST valuable.

Just installed our new 5 piece system along with the retrofit kit and not having AT LEAST the mode stay illuminated (plugged in with Power Saving turned off) is crazy to us. It’s a glaring hole and makes us consider returning the whole thing. Please push a firmware update!!

Also, another issue with the keypad is that there’s no clear feedback showing that the unit is ready to arm.

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5 months later since the original request and still no word either way, if this will be implemented or not?

This is such a basic and standard feature of any alarm keypad. Unacceptable that 5 months have passed since close to 50 people have requested this simple update.