Keypad Gen 2 always show status

I just got my gen 1 keypad replaced with a gen 2, and I noticed that the status light turns off. I like being able to see the status all the time the way the first gen keypad did. I looked through settings, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there a way to keep the status light always lit? Power save is off.

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Hi @Nothing. Check out this Feature Request here. Be sure to add interest by voting for this feature!

Hey @Nothing, after a recent update in the Ring app, you can now choose between the following 3 modes for the Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Generation):

  • Keep Mode Button Lit. LED lights will stay on at all times (when plugged into a working power source).
  • Motion Turns on Lights. LEDs light up when sensing motion.
  • Button Press Turns on Lights. LEDs light up only when you press a button on your Keypad (preserves battery power).

To choose Keypad modes, open your Ring app, navigate to your Keypad device on the main menu, then go to the LED Settings tile. You can learn more in this Help Center article. :slight_smile: