Keypad: Different countdown tones (sounds) to arm and disarm (exit delay & entry delay sounds)

Keypad should make a DIFFERENT sound when counting down to either arm or disarm the alarm. In other words, the entry delay and exit delay should sound different. This is just common sense that it should be making a different sound when the alarm is about to be triggered than the sound it makes when it’s about to be armed. Currently, the sound is the same. Every other alarm system I’ve used has a different sound when being armed or counting down in entry delay prior to being triggered. In other words, the sound prior to the alarm being triggered (going off!) should be a definite warning, preferably increasing in intensity/volume which would inform the user that the alarm is about to go off. Here’s just one example of why this is important. Currently, when the alarm is in exit delay, and the sound it makes is informing the user to leave the house, if the person doesn’t leave in time and accidentally triggers the alarm, the entrance delay sound is EXACTLY THE SAME as the exit delay. This means the person may reasonably assume it is still safe to exit the building. But much to their surprise, only moments after exiting, the alarm is triggered! This problem would be solved if the two sounds were different. In sum, MAKE THE EXIT DELAY AND THE ENTRANCE DELAY TWO DIFFERENT SOUNDS! (Am I the only one who thinks this is a “no-brainer?”)