Keypad chirps stopped working

I have 3 keypads and I have 2 of them set to “chirp” when a door or window sensor is opened. It’s been working great for months but yesterday all 3 just stopped, even though I’ve made no changes to the system. The base station still chirps, but not the keypads. And the keypad buttons no longer make any noise - has there been a firmware update gone haywire?

Both keypads set to chirp, volume on high, all sensors set to chirp on the open event.

Hey @hgpilot. Could you reach out to our support team here for this concern? They will be able to take a deeper look into your account and devices to assess what may be going on for you. Please let us know what they were able to do for you to get this fixed, as this may help other neighbors for the future!

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Thx - there was a problem / probably a failed firmware update. They are replacing - thank you.

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My keypad has done the same thing, I can’t find a direct link to request help, keeps sending me to community forms

did you call customer service? Mine is doing the same thing