Keypad Audio Shortcut PLEASE

Here’s hoping this forum is better than many other manufacturers that never read their own forums.

I am always the late one going to bed because of work. Our keypad is right at the hallway entrance by the bedrooms so it is very loud (which I want for the alarm but nothing else) the base station is in another part of the house so that volume isn’t a big deal.

My keypad Audio is on full volume so I can hear the alarm off it goes off. (I SO wish we had separate volume for alarm, notifications, etc on the keypad)

Before I can come in the house, I have to make SEVERAL key presses so I can get to the keypad audio, turn it off, click save, back all the way out to the home screen, kill the alarm, come in the house, make SEVERAL more key presses to get back to the keypad audio, turn it back on, click save and then exit the app…

All so I don’t wake up everyone in the house!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us the ability to

  1. Make our own shortcuts for any screen in the app

  2. Separate ALL volume functions in the keypad so they can all be controlled separately. (I want the alarm full blast, but I certainly don’t need let presses or the lady twerking my the alarm had been turned on/off at full volume.

Thank you