Keypad and panic button

I already have a stick up cam but I would like to get a panic button for precaution but I do not want to get a whole alarm system so I wanted to see if I can just buy the keypad and panic button if it will work this way?

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No, you need the alarm base station for either to work.

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Good question, @MrsQ! @Eagle328 hit the nail on the head with their answer. In order to install and operate any of our Ring Alarm devices, a Base Station is required as this is what provides the secure and dedicated connection for the Alarm devices.

Starting with an Alarm 5-piece security bundle is highly recommended. Keep in mind, the Keypad has a police/ panic button as well, which is similar in functionality to the Panic Button.

If you plan on signing up for Ring Protect Plus, or professional monitoring, there is also an SOS feature in the Ring app that becomes available upon subscribing. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: