Keypad 2nd gen does not arm or disarm the system

I have two keypads, both 2nd gen, was working once I installed them. Now none of them works when I want to arm or disarm the system. It just beeps twice and all the buttons turn on and off a few times and nothing happens. The problem was not solved even after removing the devices and adding them again in the app.
can anyone help me in this regards?

Hey @Nima. Whenever the Keypad flashes twice at you, this is an indicator that the code you are pressing is not correct, which may be why the Keypad is not working for you. To verify this, you can try your PIN code on your Keypad again and then try to go into one of the modes. If it flashes at you again, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > History > Alarm and you should see PIN rejected here. I tested this myself and got the flashes and the PIN rejected. No worries though, you can learn more about changing your Alarm PIN here. :slight_smile: