Key fobs Needed

I really like the ring alarm but find it lacking. I live on 5 acres with almost total wifi coverage. I need a keyfob to arm, disarm and set panic mode. I’m ready to go back to Interface as we depended on the fobs many times during each day. I’ve spoken with techs at Ring years ago. Admit fail and I’ll dump Ring immediately.


I have just about every Ring product available including the security system. The one thing holding me back form converting my dad over from SimpliSafe to Ring security is the lack of a keyfob. Please offer this soon!

I’ve bemoaned this same deficiency in Ring’s system (among several others). The one and only time that I’ve been able to arm the system in over a year of having the system installed (like I said, I have several issues with the system) I forgot it was armed and I pranced right in and set off the alarm. In all of the chaos, I forgot the code to deactivate the alarm and my phone was hiding in my purse. Long story short is that the cops came out. It sure would’ve been nice to have a fob on the keychain that I used to unlock the door.