"Keep Me Logged In" Option at Ring.com?

“Keep Me Logged In” Option at Ring.com?

How about either a “Keep Me Logged In” Option at Ring.com ?

Or, if that is not an option, how about stopping Ring.com from automaticall logging the user out after a _very short_ timeout.

I probably don’t need to add the fact that since ring’s mandatory code via email to log back in is a major PITA!

Hi @bevhoward, thank you for your feedback on this as well! Two Factor Authentication and Two Step Verification are some of the many steps Ring is taking to bring more security and control to our customers. We’re always looking to increase the security of Ring devices and will continue to innovate on behalf of our neighbors. I could see how having a stay logged in option is great, as well as a longer timeout frame from when you must long in again. We will certainly pass along your feedback to our teams so they can take this into consideration. :slight_smile:

The issue is the time and effort to sign in and verify before one can see who is at the front door ring camera. Can’t you just answer a security question? Or increase the log in period to a few days?

and if I’m using my mobile I have to log in to the phone, find and tap the ring app, before I can even sign into Ring.

please help.

Hi @DonRico. While the Ring.com website will log out a user after some time of inactivity, the Ring app once logged in, should keep you logged in, unless you are manually logging out. Are you unable to stay signed in on the Ring app as well? Please ensure you are not logging out after viewing any activity in the Ring app to ensure it keeps you logged in!

What the decision makers at Ring refuse to understand is that while the “app” is sufficient for mobile access to camera information, it is a terrible way to view the detail contained in important video recordings.

While the viewer on the page at Ring.com provides much better viewing options, it is obvious that the web viewer was constructed without much thought and it has serious limitations in addition to it’s maddening habit of constantly logging the user out without reason. Limits such as only three events being visible in the tiny scroll box under the image and others are extremely frustrating as well.

A month or so ago, I was contacted by a Ring rep asking for more information about Ring problems based on my review on amazon that focused on a number of really bad _app_ designs that completely offset the good quality of the hardware. When I responded that I didn’t want to put any more effort in communicating user issues to Ring because none of the issues that I and others had posted had ever been addressed, I was assured that my observations would be addressed…

…so, I spent several _DAYS_ documenting, assembling, composing, editing and submitting them to Ring…

…absolutely NONE of the issues that I had taken my time to carefully document and submit have been addressed.

What Ring did respond to, and seriously overreacted to, were news reports about Ring security issues THAT WERE DUE TO OWNERS FAILING TO SECURE THEIR LOGINS with the resulting additional security requirements (such as the ABSURD requirement for two factor authentication to SIMPLY DISCUSS USER PROBLEMS) …typical of bean counter driven companies administered by people who know nothing about the product itself other than profit and loss statistics.

Beverly Howard

And, fwiw, no Chelsea, your reply is not helpful to Ring Owners, especially when it’s obvious that Ring is not interested in owner feedback from any venue.