Just installed Pro- couple of issues

Hi folks,

I just completed installation of the video pro with chimes pro. Installation was successful. No operational issues apparently according to the apps health checks. Good internet connection. Everything is green indicator. However I have 3 questions now:

  1. No live video. When I click on “live view” I get a screen which is stuck in “activating device” mode but after awhile I get a “streaming error” message. There is a recording made which is fine that I can access and shows everything but for some reason I do not get a live image when I click on live view. Only recordings seem to work

  2. Can motion detection create an audible alert? I believe I set that up but perhaps missed something?

  3. Sound coming from the person at the doorbell is broken up. Not very good quality



#1 & #3 - sounds like you have a weak wifi connection. What does it say in the health check, you did not give us the number?

#2 - yes you can set the mition detection to an audible alert using the ring chime.

Without seeing your setup, all I can really do is give you those answers. Look again in the app, at both the device for the doorbell and the chime. If you do not see the answer, consider also calling support - they can walk you through the process.

Ok thanks. I think you’re right. Our internet speed is terrible. That’s a known fact. When I did the test as instructed in the app I am only getting 0.29 Mps. I believe you need at least 2 for it to work reliably.