Just got Doorbell 2. Unit remains online, but eventually fails to detect motion and does nothing whe

So i’ve had the Doorbell 2 “die” on me twice now. The first time needed the battery taken out, then put back in, and the setup done again. The 2nd time not even a day later…i came home and noticed the motion detection wasn’t doing anything. No alerts, nothing. I push the button and nothing happens. I check the device connection from my phone and do a connection test, and everything is good there (same as before too). But its still not responsive. So i got the screwdriver back out, went over to it, decided to push the button a few more times, and it came back to life and started working again. The timeline, instead of ending at the time it “died” now picks up at the time i woke it back up and everything in between shows “this footage is unavailable.”

I’m not entirely sure whats going on and its rather frustrating. This already “died” like this when i was waiting on packages to be dropped off so it basically failed doing the thing I mainly wanted it to do once already. Annoying.

Anyways, i had set up a guest wifi network with no internal LAN access (basically a wifi on a separate vlan from my main network devices) so this can sit on its own wifi network a bit more securely. As a result, i cannot reserve a DHCP address for it or otherwise find ways to stop the router from possibly…i dont know…stopping the traffic of a device that it hasn’t received anything from for several hours? Im not sure if thats what going on. I don’t exactly want to put this IoT device on my main wifi, giving it full access to my internal LAN. I just wonder if thats what i have to do. Would be sucky if so.

Anyone have any feedback? Firmware says its up to date as well. I have all notifications and push notifications for alerts and rings and all that turned on. When it works it seems to work as it should, but this “fake dying” its doing is no good. Any help would be appreciated.

additional info: Router is Asus RT-AC68u. No mesh anything. Signal strength is RSSI-44.

I originally wrote this out on 12-11. Its 12-12 now and it happened again. Was working fine in the morning when my wife and i left to work. Was supposed to receive a package today. Received no alerts, came home to package at the door. Yet for some reason, the Ring sees me and alerts my phone later in the evening when i pull up. I check the app and again, no footage from around 9am until it saw me walking up. It completely missed another package delivery.

Here we are on the 13th and a little after 9am it’s gone dead again. Can still see battery life, rssi-44 signal strength, and online connection status…but I cannot connect to the live feed nor is it detecting any motion or button presses. And I have another package coming today that it will miss.

Hey there, @Helgaiden. Have you tried adjusting your motion settings? Here is a good article about the different settings you can have the device under, and what they mean, and maybe adjusting these settings will improve the overall motion detection for your device. If you continue to run into missed events, it would be best to give our support team a call at 1-800-656-1918 so they can do some further troubleshooting with you.