Jumper cable

Just got a ring wired doorbell
Where does the jumper cable go here ā€¦
is it between the two points circles in green ?

It looks like this may not be compatible, since there does not look to be a place you can pick up the transformer voltage before it goes through the chime. You have 230v going in in the red circle, so would need to swap the whole chime for a doorbell transformer in an enclosure. Ring do a transformer, or any off the shelf 8-12v doorbell transformer will work too. Alternatively you could swap it for the byron 776 all in one chime and transformer, which will also work.

Read this the other day though and it sounds like it is compatible with ring doorbells ?

He mentions a photo but Iā€™m not seeing it but probably me as a newbie to this site/community

Should I just bypass the chime then and use the transformer then if so where do I put the jumper cable ?

Its compatible with the ring 2 as it can ring the chime. There does not appear to be a way to bypass the chime part of it, and get the power straight from the transformer, which makes it not compatible for doorbell wired and would need to be replaced.

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