Join Flood and Freeze Sensor to existing zwave network

I’m interested in getting the Ring Flood and Freeze sensor but I already have a zwave network and don’t need the Ring Alarm Base Station. The documentation is a little light on joining to something other than the Ring Base Station. If this indeeds uses the zwave standards, could documentation for a standard inclusion be included as well.

In addition to asking about the Ring Flood and Freeze sensor, do the other Ring Alarm z wave products work without requiring the Ring base station?

The best thing about zwave is the flexibility of operation. You can certainly attempt to add a Ring zwave device to your zwave network.

Similar to how adding a non Works With Ring zwave device to the Alarm Base Station will not result in full support/ operation or be included in monitoring, the same will go for a zwave device you add to your own network. Inclusion will likely work, but functionality may be limited, compared to using an Alarm Base Station. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: