I've just got a new wifi router

I’ve just got a new wifi router and I’m unable to connect my floodlight camera. I don’t have access to the QR code as the camera is high up. How can I connect my camera.

Has anyone answered this as I have some issue but if a joke if I now need to pay someone to take down the camera

See this link to change the wifi network on your floodlight camera. You don’t need the QR Code. https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034825092-How-to-Reconnect-Your-Ring-Doorbell-or-Security-Camera-to-Wifi-or-Change-Your-Wifi-Network

Now it is asking me to put in a pin which I don’t have

Maybe that’s the pin for the security system if you have one.

I have done this recently. However I have a ring doorbell also and performed the reconnection to this first and found the pin under the cover of the doorbell. When it came to the camera I believe because I had already entered a code it did not request one for this device.

Not sure if this helps, also do not remember seeing a pin on the camera; just a QR code.