I've been sold a US version alarm, anything I can do?

So I purchased a Ring alarm on ebay about 6 months ago and everything has been fine.

I’ve just upgraded my plan to use assisted monitoring and found out I can’t as I’ve been sold a US version. The seller won’t accept a return now, ebay are no help and I’m stuck with £200 worth of alarm with features i cant use.

Is there any hard or software modifications I can make to turn it into a UK version in order to use assisted monitoring etc?

I know I’m probably going to have to fork out for another alarm but thought I’d check first.

Hi @patand. I would ensure you are only purchasing Ring products from an authorized retailer. A list of authorized retailers can be found here. Unfortunately, the Ring Alarm Base Station cannot be modified. I would contact our support team to see your options. I hope this information helps.