Items needed to hardwire video 2nd gen

I have a video doorbell 2nd gen that we’ve had for several years running off the battery. I tried using the solar charger base but a tree made it unusable. I’m wanting to hardwire the doorbell now and have no existing wiring to the unit. I bought the resistor and transformer from ring but am wondering if this is actually possible to accomplish.
I do not have the original mounting plate so I’ll have to order a new one. Do I actually need a resistor? Is this unit actually able to be hardwired?

Hi @user24627. This Help Center article here has instructions on how to hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen. You can also use a Plug-In Adapter 2nd Gen for your Ring Video Doorbell. I hope this helps!


I’m still fuzzy though on if I need the resistor. I’ll be running new wire for the ring and installing the transformer I purchased through ring.

Hi @user24627. You do not use a resistor in this installation. Following the instructions Tom provided should cover the whole installation process, and you should not add in anything extra that is not mentioned in the instructions.