Issues with cameras and the app, live view won’t work and motion videos not saving…help?!


Recently I have been having issues with my ring doorbell, my stick up camera, my stick up battery camera and my spotlight cam battery. For some reason, when ever I try to watch the cameras on live view while connected to my home Wi-Fi I get a streaming error message however every camera Wi-Fi status reads as the following “RSSI-56, 69, 64 and 38.

I have no issue using my Wi-Fi for anything else on my phone and I can connect to my cameras on 4G & 5G (mobile data) without any major issues.

I have tried rebooting my cameras and checking that the firmware on each camera is up to date.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try?

Thank you in advance.

No VPN is being used but thanks for the suggestion

Hi @user16951. This may have to do with some of the settings on your home network. Try reaching out to your service provider to see if you are using a IPv6 only configuration. If so, ask the to add an IPv4 configuration. Additionally, try to initiate a Live View from to confirm the issue is not isolated to your phone. Let me know if this corrects your issue.

same issue. Have tried everything including the above
never home in time to call and the chat person I just tried was so rude.

very expensive doorbell cam - nothing has changed even got a wifi extender, speed is fine, router has been reset, door bell reset, app deleted, tried from, router is in the same place it has always been, all of a sudden just stopped working. Still get notifications but cant answer or go live. Not serving much purpose right now