Issue with Spotlight Cameras

Hello all!

Had a weird issue with our Spotlight Cameras this morning, and thought I’d get the communities ideas about what happened.

For roughly a 2 minute period of time, three of my four cameras picked up motion, but recorded 40 seconds of a silent black screen rather than actual footage. Since that time, all of my cameras have recorded as intended, with no issues, including live feeds.

Is this a common occurrence? The signal strength on my devices ranges from -39 to -54, so they’ve always had strong connections before. It just seems odd to me that all three cameras would trigger, but not record an audio or video signal, all at the exact same time.


This is definitely unusual to hear! 3 Cams resulting in a 40 second black video at once certainly sounds like a lapse in communication/ connection. What type of router are you using? Also, did these events ever become reviewable in recording history or do they remain as a blank recordings? Looking forward to assisting further :slight_smile:

None of the videos have become available, and they are all still blank recordings.

I’m using a Netgear Nighthawk R7000.

Thank you for confirming that information @JasonSTL . Black video can be caused by many different things such as mobile device connection, wifi signal strength, or even network settings. If this occurs again, I recommend checking with our support team at 800-656-1918, as they can explore all these variables in depth.