Issue with Ring Pro Doorbell

Hello all!

Weird issue that I’m currently experiencing. I installed my Ring Pro fairly easily and quickly. It worked for about a week and then went offline in the middle of the night. It’s been five days and I haven’t been able to get it reconnected.
What I have tried:

Remove and reinstall app on iPhome
Remove power from Ring Pro, wait then restore power.
Reset WiFi router.
Removed device and reinstalled in app.

All I get when I press the reset on the side is instead of the clockwise circle, the whole thing just flashes white. It won’t connect to the app on WiFi and won’t reconnect.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Hi @Gman32141! Thank you for describing this concern in great detail. You’ve covered all the best first steps here, and have narrowed it down to power variables. With there being lights, we know some power is making it to the Pro. When the Doorbell Pro enters setup mode, audibly announces setup mode, and broadcasts it’s setup access point in setup mode, this will be an indicator of enough power.

The best next things to check here is that the transformer being used is rated for 16 to 24 VAC, the Pro Power Kit is installed either in the chime kit or in bypass mode (if no chime kit), and the wiring is standard gauge or not too thin, eroded, or frayed. If using a chime kit, please also ensure the chime is listed on our Compatibility list. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


           Thanks for your response. I have verified power at the transformer, which is rated at 24V. I also have installed the Ring power adapter, in the doorbell housing itself. Could you please provide me what voltages I should see at the door beel, and the Ring power adapter, so I can measure and verify those as well?

Thank You

Hi @Gman32141. Chiming in for Marley here. Since there are a number of variables in each unique situation, it is hard to give you exact numbers of what you should see. The Ring Pro requires 12-24VAC to operate. The good news is, in your Ring app under Device Heath, you can check the voltage your Ring Pro is getting! It will let you know if it’s getting adequate power. If it is not, I would recommend contacting a trusted and licensed electrician to measure the current in you Doorbell circuit. With this being a circuit with electricity flowing through it, your safety is paramount!