Is there any way of contacting Community support via email or chat in the Uk?

Is there any way of contact Ring community support complaints team in the UK that does not involve having call their inept and useless customer service team or is there anyone from Ring directly on here that can put me in touch with their complaints team?

I ordered 2 alarm systems with them an XL & L with indoor camera on 20th November as Christmas presents. I was told from the outset that the indoor cameras were out of stock, which was fine and they would be delivered once in stock

The first problem I encountered was that DPD failed to deliver the items to my neighbor as requested and instead sent the parcel back to ring after 1 attempt.

The parcel has since “gotten lost” in transit back to Ring.

I have had to make over 9 phone calls totaling about 4 hours to try and resolve the issue and it is still not sorted.

They have been sending missing items out 1 or 2 at a time every time I have called to complain to say all the items still haven’t arrived.

I am still missing a gen 2 key pad. I am also missing the power cable to a base station. When I called support to advise this, they sent me out another base station again with a missing power supply.

The first indoor camera arrived yesterday, I went to set this it for it to tell me its already registered to someone else?

I am out of ideas of trying to get this resolved as the customer service team do not seem to be able to resolve anything as they do not listen to what you are saying, a prime example of this is sending another base station out when all I need is a power source.

Sorry for the rant I am just so frustrated with the situation after spending a fair bit of money.

I don’t have a solution to this, but I do have experience of their phone support which is very hit and miss, although my issue was finally resolved. I would be inclined to contact my card issuer (I am presuming you pad by credit card) and asking them to refund you and sort the mess out, as they are jointly responsible under the consumer credit act. Once the card company are involved, it may give Ring the kick up the jacksie they need.


Hi @T1BBZY. Sorry to hear you haven’t received everything in your order yet. While there isn’t a way to contact our support team by email, I would still recommend following up with our support team via phone at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Since the Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, we can’t see your account information or the status of your order so we wouldn’t be able to properly help with this concern. They can take your feedback on this experience as well.