Is there a way to set doorbell on second repeat?

On Video Doorbell 3 Plus, pluss Chime, is there a way to have second repeat on Chime ding dong sound? Video Doorbell takes some time «reset» before Chime rings again if you press doorbell. Often people are impatient and presses to soon before it makes sound indoors. Hopefully you will understand my question.

Good question, @Faron71! While logged in on your Ring app, visit your Doorbell 3 Plus and select it’s Device Settings. From Device Settings, choose the Alert Settings, and then App Alert Tones. In the list of tones, you should see an option for default sound to play 4 times. While this does exist for the Doorbell, it is not currently an option on the Chime device. For the Chime, the best way to obtain a longer sound is by choosing a longer tone, from the Chime Tones section in your Ring app. There are some tones that might be longer or more emphasized than others.

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