Is there a way to install a stick up plugin outdoors?

Hi guys. I have 6 different cameras and 3 models, these stick up ones are giving me a headache.

They bought the Stick Up Plugins. I see it’s an AC/DC adaptor with a barrel tip. I don’t understand how they will be installed outdoors. Can I just buy some $30 POE adaptors from Ring store, cat5e, and a POE switch?

I ask because I see there’s a Stick Up Camera POE version.

Hey @WhenInRome. I recommend following this Youtube video here that describes how to set up the Stick Up Cam Plugin, as it talks about how to install the Outdoor Adapter as well. This is going to be a setup with a longer chord for you to plug into the wall. Since the Stick Up Cam Plugin does not have an ethernet cable port, you are unable to set it up like an Elite at this time.

P.S. Love the username! :smiley_cat:

Thank you, I was going to put “The Promise” or “When You Need a Friend” but they didn’t feel right.

I’ll put the cameras indoors then.

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