Is there a macro program that can allow time-dependent movement sensitivities?

During the day there are tons of cars and dog walkers going by. At night there is nothing at all. This is due to a few things, one of which is that the movement algorithm is less sensitive during the night mode than the color/bright/daytime mode. Ironically, it is a well-known fact that criminals prefer the cover of darkness. Sadly, the morons are too dumb to consider having time-sensitivities. So, for the product to be of any use I have to change it to full motion sensitive at night and insensitive during the morning when I get up. It is a lot of work.

So I was wondering. I know the an_droid play store has some really good macro programs. I don’t mind paying for them. But, are any capable of automating this for me? Has anyone else come across this problem?