Is there a definitive guide for the app for Doorbell 3 plus and use with Alexa

I’ve got my VDB3+ today and amusing Amazon devices as the chimes, on my Echo dot the ring tone plays in full like on the doorbell, but my Spot only plays about 75% of the ringtone before stopping. I can’t find anything official but see there are lots of how to videos. Also would be good to have an Alexa how to!!

Good question, @Isotope! Alexa skills, routines, and devices bring a great abundance of integration possibilities and features. While we do not have a video walk-through of each option available, there are some help center articles that can get you started, configured, and fully operational with Alexa.

Ring Announcements through Alexa

Creating a routine with Alexa

Ring supported Alexa enabled devices

There is also an excellent Amazon Alexa help page that might answer any further questions about skills and integrations. Additionally, we’ve created a board in the Community dedicated to Alexa and Ring, so that neighbors can share their experiences, tips, and tricks. Feel free to check there for any in-depth information. i hope this helps! :slight_smile: