Is there a change log for the android ring app ?

The last week or so I have noticed a ‘change’ in the sensitivity of the motion sensing range. Things which used to be detected are no longer. I park my car in the same spot all the time. I used to receive a motion event whenever someone walked by the car (which is not very often). I am no longer getting those events, and I have made no changes within the settings.

Within the app there used to be a page allowing the setting of the motion range. It provided three options. I don’t see that page this morning and I notice my app has recently been updated to 3.33.0.

Is there a viewable change log for the ring android app ? Do changes go through a review / beta phase before general release ?

Hi @charlies. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Ring App with the Motion Zones? You should have a motion sensitivity option alongside the Motion Zones specifically that you can adjust to control how sensitive the motion detection is.

Yes - there is a ‘motion sensitivity’ slider. (I believe it was there before). I did come across it this morning when I was looking for the old “distance” related settings. From memory the options used to be something like 1-30 ft; 30 to ?? ft; etc. I believe this morning, with no modifications from me, the ‘motion sensitivity’ slider was set around 75% . THAT setting does not equate to the old 30 ft distance setting. (Or at least that is my experience).

I have disabled Ring application android updates.

But - Ring really should be more responsible in sharing what it is they are distributing to their customers. Why the big secret. Go to Google Play and look for the current Ring download. “Enjoy a fresh new Ring app update, including bug fixes and improvements.”

Not very informative…

Did this ever get resolved? We just began installing 24 floodlight cams. Two are up and our account is set up. However, neither the APP or the website provide a “motions settings” option anymore. Just motion snooze. Have you found motion zone settings on version 3.33.0 yet?