Is there a benefit to putting Ring Camera's on same network as Phone or Laptop?

Generally speaking, I put all my IoT type devices on a Guest Network to isolate them from my main network at the house. I am wondering though, if I am on my iPhone or Surface and view the camera, if my Ring Camera and viewing device was on the same network and could communicate directly with each other, would it launch the Live View better (sometimes there is a lag when someone comes to the door or outdoor camera senses motion and I go to view it). Right now, they are isolated from each other and so I am assuming the Ring has to send traffic through Ring servers and then back down again to my Surface or iPhone.

I have Gigabit Fiber with 1GB up and down so bandwidth is really not a concern.

Good question, @SteveMat! As far as requirements go, your Ring devices will communicate with your Ring app quickly as long as wifi speeds and signal strength are sufficient. Of course, there is always the ability to fine tune, in which eliminating extra steps in the network can help. Using a standard 2.4 ghz guest network on your router is a great call for separating connected devices. Your router should deliver the same amount of resources through the guest network, as it would the primary.

In regards to the mobile device connection, this will depend mostly on that devices processing and hardware. Testing your mobile device’s cellular connection versus wifi, will help to see where the phone’s strengths are. That being said, if the mobile device is generally very efficient over wifi, that should be the case with any wifi (other than public/ workplace networks). Optimizing the mobile device processing and connection is always recommended, and can be done by closing other apps in the background and disabling certain features such as a vpn.

Ultimately your network and mobile device configuration sound sufficient for optimal operation. If you are looking for a quick access or loading of video, I recommend trying out our Rapid Ring app. The Rapid Ring app is designed for the quickest access to live video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So, to clarify, a Surface or iPhone running the Ring App will not communicate directly to a Ring Camera so having them on the same network provides no benefit, correct?

You got it, @SteveMat! Other than during setup and specific operations like network changes, your Ring app and Ring devices will be tied together via the network communication. Your Iphone and Surface Pro will certainly operate the Ring app as intended, as long as there is a proper network connection.

If you are wondering about obtaining optimal experience with Ring features when at home versus when away, this should be the case naturally, in which the network should be able to perform in this manner without too much more assistance. As each network is different, looking into your router manufacturer manuals or support articles can assist with any advanced settings or solutions.