Is Ring Alarm available in Greece?

Recently i noticed that Ring Alarm is available to be purchased in the site but when i tried to checked it out, i received error in the Shipping Method. I chatted with Ring and confired that Ring Alarm is available and working in Greece but why i can not purchase it?

Thank you

Hi @miragio. While the Ring Alarm system is available for purchase on our website for Europe, it is only available in the countries that it will work in. At this time, that list does not include Greece, but we are always working to bring Ring Alarm to more regions. You can find the list of where Ring Alarm works in Europe here. I hope that helps.

@Caitlyn_Ring Thank you for the info!

Hello @Caitlyn_Ring
I noticed that if i add now the ring alarm system in my basket, i can checkout and pay.
Please can you confirm if the Ring Alarm system is working proper in Greece?

Thank you