Is it possible to listen to the sound of the door bell inside without having to go outside?

Hi all, strange question but is it possible to trigger the sound of the doorbell inside without having to go outside to press the button? We have recently got a new dog and are trying to train him not to get over excited when the door bell rings. Can I actually set off the sound of the doorbell anywhere in the app without having to actually go outside and press the button? We may need to do this several times to get him used to the sound. T.I.A.

Good question, @Tillieg! This can be accomplished through your app alert tones. In the Ring app, visit your Video Doorbell page and then select it’s Device Settings. From there you’ll see Alert Settings, in which the App Alert Tones section will allow you to browse through and test each tone.

Additionally, if you have a Ring Chime product, this can be done from the Chime page in the Ring app via it’s alert tones options.

If your question is in regards to testing an existing hardwired chime kit, that cannot be done in the Ring app as a powered chime kit depends on a closed voltage connection (button push) in order to operate. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: