Is it possible to adjust doorbell camera contrast or brightness settings?

There is a brick facing to our door that takes up the left third of our camera frame. That’s is not a problem in itself but, at night, light reflecting off of the brick makes the light adjustment such that the rest of the frame is very dark. Is there a way to adjust the brightness, contrast, or something else so that the previews are more useful for the parts of the camera frame we actually care about? (I suppose I could always put something over part of the camera but wanted to see if there is a setting first.) See attached snapshot.

ring front door snapshot

Hi @Goochfolk. Thank you for sharing that screenshot. There are a few things you can try. The least involved would be to put something non-reflective over that section of wall that the infrared light is reflecting off of. This could be some duct tape or a dark cloth of some sort. The other option would be to use a Wedge Kit to angle this away from this portion of wall and mitigate the amount of infrared splash that is causing this washed out, dark image. I hope this information helps!