IR frequency sensitivity of Doorbell 2 vs. Elite vs. Pro

What is the IR frequency of the video door bell 2 vs the Elite? My elites are perfectly matched for IR supplemental floodlights, but the 2 barely has a response.

Does the Doorbell Pro have the same IR response range as the Elites? I may want to upgrade.

Totally different, @Round-Pond-Steve . Your Video Doorbell 2 senses motion like this, whereas your Video Doorbell Elite senses motion like this. Take a look at Riley’s article, linked above, to assist with finding the best Motion settings for your Video Doorbell 2 and as always, we are more than happy to help!

That wasn’t my question.

Jennifer. Thanks for the response.

The answer I was looking for was they are all 850 nm. So, the only difference I see is the frame rate of the Doorbell 2 changes come night mode, whereas the Pro and Elite doorbells keep a constant frame rate.

I’ve ordered a Pro to replace my Ring 2 to see if this renders the 830 nm flooded area like my Elites do.


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