iPhone connection on set up

I have connected my wired ring doorbell and jumped the correct cables etc.

The doorbell is working and enters set up mode with no problems. I get to the stage where my iPhone needs to connect to the temporary network and it will fail every time, even if I manually connect to the ring network in the iPhone settings. Has this happened to anybody else?

I even managed to connect manually to the temporary network (with full signal strength) and the doorbell notified me it was connected to the ring network. But it still didn’t complete set up and gave me a insufficient power notice. (Confused about low power warnings if the bell is visibly working)

Any help would be appreciated


Hi @Cheltaz. It sounds like there is a setting you need to turn off in your iPhone settings. Go to your Settings menu and tap Cellular. Next, scroll all the way to the bottom and turn off WiFi assist. This setting cause your phone to automatically switch to cellular data when there isn’t a strong wifi network. Let me know if this helps!

If it’s the Video Doorbell Wired and your transformer is less than 16VAC, see here: