Iphone App Live View No Longer Works

The Live View on the iPhone app no longer will work. This started about 1 week ago. When I access one of my cameras it continues to show an endless “Loading” graphic. This does not provide an error it simply remains in this status indefinitely. When I end Live it shows an updated image. I am able to see the cameras from a desktop browser in Live View. This is very frustrating and never happened before and I have been able to monitor my home for over a year without any issues. There is no issue with my internet connection. I hope someone can help as I am ready to go with an entirely new system and brand if this cannot be fixed.

Hi @JSM9. Does this happen on other phones as well? What version of the Ring app is installed? Do you get the same results with a wifi connection vs a cellular data connection? Try downloading the Rapid Ring app and see if you are able to Live View with that. Additionally, see if you can use the Live View from Ring.com, keep in mind you’ll need to enable microphone permission.

Having same problem, Live View works on my iPad but not my iPhone?

Hi @Robbie0513. Do you have an active VPN on your iPhone? Is your iPhone on wifi only or cellular data? Also, try using the Rapid Ring app to see if you can Live View from there. :slightly_smiling_face: