IP Blocked


My IP Address has been blocked by Ring - How can I arrange for this to be unblocked?

Please could someone contacted me via Private Message/DM or provide me with an E-Mail Address I can contact for Support to get this resolved?


The only way to contact Ring Support is via phone ( Contact Us – Ring Help). Be aware wait times are long and it may take a few calls to find a tech who can assist you with your issue.
Have you tried a different browser or a different device? It could be possible your own software (firewall) or router is blocking you.


As you have discovered, Ring appears to be blocking certain IP addresses. Although it’s unclear, it’s possible that Ring is being more aggressive this week than usual in such efforts.

Do you have access to a VPN on your mobile/computing devices? As you probably know, use of a VPN is typically a quick/easy way to change the IP address on a device. (If possible, you may want to use WiFi instead of cellular if you have limited cellular minutes.)

Also, don’t be surprised if you have to try multiple IP addresses until you find one Ring will allow.

Good luck!