iOS app - no longer functions

Ring App version 5.38.0
iPhone 6, iOS version 12.5.1
No VPN on phone

Have been a Ring customer for about 2 years. Problems with the Ring ios app started a couple days ago. When launching the Ring app, I received a “Ring has a temporary connection issue” message, and this has persisted for over 36 hours. As a result, I have no access to or control of my home Ring devices from my iPhone. Logged in to my Ring account with my laptop, and had no issues whatsoever - could see all my Ring devices functioning normally. Therefore, I do not think this is an internet or a WiFi/router problem. Did the following: Rebooted phone - no luck. Reinstalled ios app on my phone - things got worse. Now I can neither login to my account from the ios app nor can I reset my password from the app. All I get is a generic “An error occurred” message regardless of what I do. Rebooted phone again - still no luck. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get the Ring ios app working again if anyone recognizes the issue I’m having. Thanks

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Hi @tahoe_blue. Since you recently reinstalled the Ring app, I think it’s safe to say you’re on the latest version. Next, I would try to see if this only happens when you are connected to wifi, or cellular data only. Also, be sure you are not using a VPN. Another setting to check, is your Location Services. Make sure that this setting is turned on and the Ring app has permission to this setting. Let me know if this works!

I have same issue with 5.38.1 Cannot see devices/camera

Hi @kenegger. I would ensure that you are on the correct Location in the Ring app. When setting up new devices, sometimes a new Location can inadvertently be created. If this is not the case, please share a screenshot of what you do see. This will help the Community have a better idea of how we can help.