IOS App can't see all devices

I’m seeing an issue where my wife’s iphone can’t see all of our devices. We have a doorbell, floodlight, and two chimes. When I log out and log back in, they show up, but one of the cameras will disappear within a few minutes. I don’t have this problem on my Android phone. We log in with a single account on both phones. We’ve had Ring devices for years and this has just started.

Hi @cdrood. I would check to see if there are multiple locations on the phone. You can find out how to manage the locations here. You can also try to uninstall the Ring app, reboot you phone, then reinstall the Ring app and log back in. Let me know if this works!

The Issue I have is that the IOS app does not stay on all cameras, when I go and look it a camera and go back to the dashboard it goes to that location. It will not stay on the all camrea list. Super annoying