iOS app 5.53 History slow to update with the new version

I just got the update to 5.53 and now when I look at the app, I see a number of events in the history. When I would click on that tile, scroll down, and go back to the main screen, they would clear out. Now, they still show how many events. It takes 10 - 20 seconds for the tile to change to “nothing new”. this just seems to have started with the most recent version.

Also, is there any listing of what you actually changed in the app other than “bug fixes and improvements”?


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I’m still on version 5.51.0, it’s stable. It’s “The devil I know, compared to the devil I don’t know”.

I stopped installing new app versions from Ring, as they usually contain bugs that are either very frustrating or make certain features unusable.

Historically their developers don’t properly test before release. And NO, they never reveal what changes the updates contain.

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Hi @chrisrose98. Try fully closing the Ring app and doing a quick reboot of your mobile device. If that doesn’t help, would you mind sharing a screen recording showing this delay in the events clearing? That way I can see what you’re seeing on your end more clearly.