iOS App 5.47.00: Can’t View Video Without Scrolling (Resolved)

I’m on iPadOS Ring App 5.47.0 and the new Timeline is terrible! There is NO way to see the entire corner-to-corner view of a camera’s video recording when the app is in Landscape mode except during a Live View.

When scrolling through the Timeline videos from these cameras in Landscape mode, you cannot view the entire video as you swipe left or right (chronologically) on the Timeline’s carousel. The top and bottom of the video are cut off. You have to swipe up or down to see the top or bottom of the video. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to swipe through recorded video segments if you need to see the top or the bottom portion of the frame. There is is simply NO reason to cut off the video like this! The UI elements/buttons at the bottom can be collapsed to make room for the whole video AND the UI elements/buttons by placing the UI elements/buttons side by side instead of stacked underneath the video.

When watching Timeline videos, the Square button in the bottom right of the Timeline screen ALSO does not show the whole video when pressed even though it suggests that’s how you “maximize” the video. When pressed, the UI drops away so you can’t scroll through the Timeline except with the left/right buttons on the screen, blindly fast forwarding or rewinding. That removes the bottom UI carousel which makes it hard to swipe though the Timeline by hiding labels like “person detected” and “linked event”. The worst part? When you hit the square button you ALSO can’t see the whole video as the UI suggests. In this mode, you have to — ready for this? — swipe left and right to see the whole video because it’s the left and right portion of the video that get cut off!

Let’s review:

—When watching Timeline videos in default view, the top and bottom of the video are cut off requiring up and down swipes to see the top and bottom of the video.

—When you press the square button on the bottom right when watching Timeline videos, the left and right of the video are cut off requiring you to swipe left or right.

Come on!

DISCLAIMER: I love Ring’s products! But this UI change is a regression rather than improvement. Super happy with many other elements like video quality, alert/notification speed and so on. I also love Ring Smart Lighting products.

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Hi @RingKing. Thank you for your feedback on this. I’d like to forward this information to the appropriate team. Which Ring Device does this happen with? Some Ring Devices, like the Ring Pro 2, have Head-To-Toe recording which offers a wider field of view relative to other models. Also, if you can share a screen recording of what you are experiencing, I’ll be able to share this with my team to better understand and hopefully provide a solution.

Tom_Ring -

MONTHS ago, in the thread titled “App Version 5.44.0”, Ring Community Member Mike55 reported that these bugs were occurring in iPadOS Ring app (version 5.44.0). In that thread, you stated “Hi neighbors. Thanks for letting us know about this concern. I’ve shared this post with the appropriate team for further investigation. If they find anything, we’ll be sure to update you.”

Presumably, whoever you shared the information with was able to immediately identify the problems that were caused by the bug(s) – since the problems are both quite obvious and very easy to reproduce.

For example, take a video clip that was created using a Ring Floodlight Cam (1st Gen). If you compare the view of the video clip that is displayed using the Ring “History” feature versus the one that is displayed using the Ring “Event History Timeline” feature – you’d expect them to be the same. (In other words, you would expect both to be displayed at a 100% zoom level.)

Clearly, this is not the case. The “Event History Timeline” version is actually a “zoomed in” version of the video clip – which results in problems in several (related) Ring features.

At this point, there are now posts in multiple threads complaining that these problems still exist in iPadOS Ring app (version 5.47.0) – which is the version that is currently available in the Apple App Store.

For some reason, Ring seemingly refuses to fix serious programming bugs in the iPadOS version of the Ring app, including bugs in features such as:

  • Event History Timeline
  • Full Screen
  • Live View
  • Privacy Settings (when End-to-End Encryption is being used)

Interestingly, the serious bugs that people complain about are often ones that were specifically CAUSED by Ring updates. In other words, the problems did not appear to be present in earlier versions of the Ring app (and/or Ring firmware). One would think that your Technical Development team would be embarrassed to discover they had introduced serious bugs and thus, would be anxious to fix them.

I hope that you can find someone in Ring leadership who actually cares about customer safety/security and will ensure these bugs are fixed in a timely manner.

This is happening with Ring Spotlight Cam Mount (2nd Gen), Ring Flood Light Cam (Original), Ring Floodlight Cam Plus and Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. I don’t have any Ring doorbells.

I can provide screenshots and/or video but I don’t want to post them here so let me know I can transmit them privately to Ring.

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I’d like to confirm that this issue has been happening for a while. It was introduced by a recent update. When I saw that the new update didn’t fix the issue, I decided to make my post. I was hoping it would be fixed by now.

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This issue was resolved in iPadOS Ring App version 5.48.2 which now shows the whole video when scrolling through the timeline without scrolling/panning. Additionally, the square button now actually maximizes the video with a “letterbox” style space at the bottom and top of the video without scrolling/panning. The arrow button with arrows that point apart or point together when pressed now put the video into or out of a zoomed-in mode which requires scrolling/panning (this is the view that the old app was stuck in). Only remaining complaint: the resulting UI squanders too much vertical space resulting in smaller real estate for the video.

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