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I have a registered protect plus plan, but can’t see the invoice. Pleas advices


@andypetrella If you are in need of an invoice for your Ring Protect Plan Subscription, you can reach out to our support team here in order to obtain one.

Hi Chelsea_Ring

re: Invoice for Plan

I was speaking to Customer Supprort on this exact issue. 4 days ago I was billed on my credit card for AU$120 from Ring. I know this payment was the annual fee for 3 doorbells & cameras I have at 2 locations. My issue is that Ring did not send an email advising the annual plan is renewing or a break down of what the total cost if for or a receipt / invoice. Checking on the Ring website, a tranacation or billing history for Protect Plans is not available. The order history section shows only hardware purchases, surely the Protect Plan purchase history can be included here. The customer service person had to manually prepare and email a history of billing. This process needs to be available to your customers more efficiently.

FYI- Nest email 4 day in advance of any plan fee and you can access an order history.

Please advise. Thanks, Brad


I totally agree with Brad. I also need an invoice for the amounts that Ring carges me. Where to get them easy, now and in the future?

Regards, Jan


Hey neighbors! As recommended, for any invoices, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile:

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There is no ability to find the invoice for a yearly subscription in the ORDER HISTORY, nor is there anyone to actually contact via the link you mention.

You sell your subscriptions in Australia, so you KNOW FULL WELL that we require an invoice for Taxation purposes, yet you deliberately make it impossible to get one.

Please send me my tax invoice


Information on customer support below.

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I have the same issue in Finland. No invoice available for download, chat unavailable and phone line “not available”. You can jump into a lake with your service if this won’t be fixed.

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You have to speak with customer service.
They have different hours and ways to communicate due to covid-19. See links below.
Information on customer support below.

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I need my Invoice for my August Protect plan, but the only way you offer for me to get this is via methods which either don’t work or are unavailable. Can something please be done to make this easier?

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Same problem for Belgium.
I managed to get an invoice from customer services. But they don’t want to add my vat number. They even provide a fake (not valid) vat number on their vat number! So watch out if you get an invoice their vat number is not fake!

You must be joking. No page on your website to download a receipt? I have to call or send an email inorder to get one? Not acceptable. As a Ring customer, I should be able to easily get a receipt from the Ring website. What is the problem?

Hey neighbors! At this time the only way to get an invoice for a Ring Protect Plan is to contact our support team. You can contact them via phone or Live Chat. You can learn more about when support is available, but I recommend Live Chat for an ease of experience. Live Chat is available daily between the hours of 7 AM-7 PM BST and you can find the chat bubble to talk to our team at the bottom right hand corner of this page here! To find out where to call and get in touch over the phone, please follow this link here.

Hi Chelsea,

I know you are just doing your best but really this should be escalated at Ring that this is unacceptable. Legally you must make your invoice available (a tax invoice for Australian subscribers) in a method that it can be obtained simply…ie over the web from the account portal. I cannot obtain it now because it appears your customer service cannot be messaged.

Can you please make sure that this is communicated so it can be fixed? If the ATO finds out about this Ring may be deemed in breach of tax law in Australia

Thank you for this feedback, @la. At Ring, we always value our neighbors’ experience and have shared this with our teams here. As this is a neighbor to neighbor public forum, we advise handling any billing or account related concern with our support team. Please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. As you mentioned being in Australia, here are the best numbers to reach our support team; 61 2 8294 9169 or 1 300 205 983.

I’m adding more feedback: How can it be an acceptable business practice for invoices to be available only by request? You shouldn’t bill me if you do not (1) provide notice of billing and (2) provide proof of purchase/receipt. My purchase history should show all purchases, not just when I buy a physical device.

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We use Ring has a doorbell for your warehouse entrance.
We need to have a invoice for the plan has proof of purchase for the Finance dep.

So even if it was easy to have it, i never saw any online site without this option.
It’s pretty ennoying to have to reach the support every month.

Hope you will find a way soon


This requirement to provide an invoice is globally, I have been supporting Ring when it was still a crowdfunding project being called doorbot, and have patiently waited to get the features that I needed. Every year I have been asking my yearly plan invoice via email and did receive it. Now the only answer is an automated email saying we DO NOT SUPPORT emails… and STILL no downloadable invoice on the site …??? how difficult can this be… a serious gap and complete ignorance for a clear customer need. Hope you make this a priority soon!

I think this may have to be referred to the consumer watch body ACCC here. Unacceptable practice.

Hey neighbors! We are excited to announce a new feature that we have released on that will allow you to download your invoices for your Ring Protect Plan. You can now access your invoices online it by logging in to and hovering over Account at the top right, and choosing Billing History from the Account dropdown.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to bring this to you all, and if you have any issues accessing an invoice online, you can always contact our support team directly for one.

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