Invalid email or password on IOS device even when pasting same password used via browser

I’m currently logged into my account via Chrome browser on a laptop.

I have verified the email address and password. I removed all other devices from my account to start fresh. I am using an updated iOS device. I have updated my Ring software app. I have turned off my vpn. I am cutting and pasting my password from a password manager, so there’s zero chance that I have mistyped it.

And it repeatedly gives me an an error “invalid email or password”

I’m feeling extremely frustrated and would appreciate help. thanks!!

Hi @angryuserwhohatesfaqs. If you haven’t already, try manually entering the password and not using the password manager to see if that allows you to get signed in. Sometimes the password in a password manager may not be properly updated, causing you to copy over an incorrect password. I’d also suggest resetting your password entirely if that doesn’t work either.