Introducing Ring Alarm to our UK neighbors!

Exciting news - Ring Alarm is coming to the UK! The Ring teams have been working hard to bring this to our UK customers, to build out the Ring of Security inside your home. Including features like all-new Assisted Monitoring functionality, cellular backup and three modes of protection, it’s affordable DIY security for your entire family. Learn more on the Ring Blog . As always, let us know if you have any questions :smiley:

Available from November 7 on

Why is the price so much higher in the UK than in the US?

Our top priority is to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with effective, affordable products and services. While prices can change per country, we continue to innovate products that we think our neighbours will love, and that will make a positive impact on home and neighbourhood safety.

Keep in mind that US devices can often differ from UK/ EU devices, as regulations and compliances vary by country. For this reason, a US Alarm kit cannot be used in the UK and vice versa.

What exactly are the differences with the US-version that prevents it from working in the UK?

Any word on when you might bring it down to Aus, i love my ring stuff and am even willing to buy a US/UK system and go without the monitoring aspect of it until it gets here

Just had your email the alarm is available in UK now

£249 for 5 piece.

Same item for sale in USA $199 = £155…

Really Ring…

Hopefully additional packages will be made available and the price will drop as it’s too high for one motion senor and one door window sensor. With the reduced service offering when compared to the US, the price should be more like £200, and the additional sensors need to be cheaper for it to gain traction beyond early adopters.

Just installed my Ring Alarm in the UK - Everything has just worked which is nice.

Hopefully we’ll get some of the 3rd party z-wave devices added (e.g. internal sirens) like the American version has.


Hi, can you confirm at all? (UK install).

  • There has been stuff about the emergency number calling not being setup/approved yet. Any indication of this while setting up?

  • What sensors does the ring app allow you to subsequently set up… is it only the motion and contact sensors? (There are third party z-wave Sirens for example, and they were comparable with the Alarm in the US before Ring started selling them).

Amazon uk now list the 5pc kit for £290 up from £249… I wonder if this is positioning for Black Friday…

That’s the price from a 3rd party seller on Amazon.

The list of z-wave compatible locks, has only US models for Yale. Is there any documentation on what z-wave devices this will work with? I’ve purchased the alarm for my UK home, but have yet to install it. I would like to add a Yale Conexis L1 lock and have it arm and disarm the alarm, when locked and unlocked (as apparently the US version does).