Introducing: Modes

This is a great step at integrating the ecosystem! But would still really like the modes team to work on truly customizable modes, even if it is just letting us create our own. At least two examples of modes I would like:

Perimeter Instant (night mode) - Interior zones are disarmed and permiter zones are instant

Disarmed/Away (alarm off, cameras on) - when the kids/babysitter/nanny/housekeeper are at the house, I want to be able to view cameras, but I don’t want the alarm armed

These are non-overlapping use cases with the existing modes, so it’s impossible to customize, for example a single Home mode to cover.


IMHO, geofencing to trigger the modes would commercially open up a ton of new opportunity for Ring - mainly with users switching from competing products.

We use Canary for internal cams - and the main reason for that is their ability to auto switch between modes, based on whether myself or wife are present in the house. Manually triggering is fine, but when you’re rushing out the house with kids, bags, keys, etc it’s highly likely i’ll forget to change mode in the Ring app.

I’d gladly eBay our Canaries and buy 3 Ring cams now and have everything was on one platform, but I need auto mode switching before doing that.

@Ring - Is Geofencing for modes on the roadmap - and if so, are you able to give an indicative timescale?


Just wondering when is this update going to take affect? I am seeing good deals coming for the indoor cameras, but I am holding out till this is in effect.


I’m interested in this answer as well.

Was thinking of buying some indoor cameras around black friday…but if modes is not out and geofencing is not supported, then I guess I will not buy them after all since geofencing for indoor cameras is to me a showstopper.

Plus I don’t get how you are owned by amazon and yet the amazon cams have geofencing and other features the ring ones don’t. Can’t you get your heads together to join forces technologically and implement things more consistently?

A big YES to the geofencing idea! It would be great to add that ability to the app.

@Jennifer_Ring: Would you know on what date this new feature going to come out. I have been waiting for this feature update for quite sometime.




So unfortunate the Ring is so silent. No responses to anything on this topic for the past couple weeks.

I had planned to switch over from a competing set of cameras to ring indoor cams.

But geofencing is a show stopper for cameras inside my home. No way I want them recording when I am home and I’m not going to manually enable/disable them every time I come and go.

So I guess Ring doesn’t want my money. And on top of that they said whatever these features are would be released in November. Well they haven’t been and November is only a few days away from being over. So I guess that was inaccurate. Really annoys me when a company says one thing…then it doesn’t happen and rather than acknowledge that fact and provide an update they just become silent. Really not professional.

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Hey neighbors! As the post states, Mode has started to roll out. It is a gradual release and there is not an estimated time for 100% completion at this time, but keep an eye out for any updates as it is becoming available as we speak.


Is this being rolled out in the UK?

As this is a must have feature that should have been provided as standard.

@rv, I appreciate your situation and I have been wanting this feature since I purchased my Ring Alarm right after they were released. I am patiently waiting for them to release it and geofencing as well, but would rather they do it gradual and over a smaller sample size than dump it on the masses and let us work out all the bugs. I wouldn’t take too kindly to having a foul up on my entire home security system (cameras and alarms) due to a quick release date. This is my opinion on the matter and I hope that they can get it rolled out quickly. Once modes and geofencing are enabled, I know that Ring will be far better than anything anyone else offers.

Hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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@Jennifer_Ring wrote:

Be on the lookout for Modes to become available in November.

I’m on the lookout and it’s the 27th and it’s not available yet. Will this project meet its deadline?

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@Marley_Ring wrote:

Hey neighbors! As the post states, Mode has started to roll out. It is a gradual release and there is not an estimated time for 100% completion at this time, but keep an eye out for any updates as it is becoming available as we speak.

Just wondering how will we be able to tell that is rolled out? Will it show up under new fetures? I all ready see modes because I also have a Ring Alarm. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

I just purchased the Indoor camera and I noticed the modes for the cameras are not available yet. Is there an update for when the mode options will become available? I know it was previously said in November, but it’s the 29th of November at the moment so I just wanted to be sure. I had Nest indoor cameras previously, and I’m finding it difficult to leave them behind, especially for the home/away assist features. I have outdoor ring cameras and they are great, but I’m not very keen on the indoor cameras that do not have geofencing capabilities.

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Does anyone in the ring community have access to the new modes feature? If it was a slow roll out I would assume some us have access to the new feature?

Why is my Spotlight cam not available as a sensor in Modes? It has a motion detector on it. I would think it could do this.

Use case:

My spotlight cam is inside my garage. While in HOME mode (which I use while asleep) or AWAY mode, I’d like motion in the garage to trigger the alarm.

I installed 3 ring devices at the end of September and all of the sudden my internet usage has doubled all because I switched two indoor cameras to ring indoor cameras! I was not aware that the indoor cameras did not have geofencing which is really dissapointing since my old cameras which were half the price had it. Why is the roll out taking so long? It should be as simple as pushing an update.

It’s Dec 2 and I’ve seen no signs of it. This is looking like another “HomeKit support is coming.” situation from Ring.


@Jennifer_Ring - Any update on rollout?

We have waited patiently and then the clock ticked over to December with no sign of Modes…

Should we use Cyber Monday to switch to Arlo?

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